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MP fumes as Kuantan city council removes PKR flags

February 24, 2013
FS Fumes
MP fumes as Kuantan city council removes PKR flags
3:34PM Feb 23,

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh has accused the Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK) of double standards for removing PKR flags from the city yesterday.

“The directive (to take down PKR’s flags) defies logic, seeing that BN flags have already been put up much earlier and in far greater numbers,” said the PKR parliamentarian in a statement today.

NONEAccording the Fuziah (right), MPK officers paid the MP’s office on Jalan Beserah a visit yesterday bearing a directive from Zulkifli requesting PKR remove all its flags from lamposts throughout the city.

The notice said party flags were not permitted in the city centre, and gave the party two days to act, failing which the council would take it upon themselves to remove them.

Fuziah added that MPK chief Zulkifli Yaacob had gone against his promise, as reported in Sinchew Daily (eastern edition), that the local council would not disturb party flags in the city.

bn flag all over penang 100213 04She cited the recent report where Zulkifli was apparently quoted saying, “The general election is near, so MPK officers will not take action and dismantle any party flags.”

He reportedly said MPK would not take action on any flags as long as they did not endanger the public.

“The MPK YDP’s statement (in Sinchew) clearly goes against the directive he has issued to PKR yesterday,” said Fuziah.

Therefore, she said, PKR rejects the city council chief’s “double standards” and will not be removing their flags.

“If MPK acts to remove PKR’s flags, I dare them to remove all flags in the whole of the Kuantan parliamentary constituency under the purview of MPK,” she said.

She added that Zulkifli’s actions partisan and unprofessional, and asked if he was bowing to political pressure from above.

“Serve the people sincerely and act fairly to all, and hold on to your own principles. Taxpayers demand fairness and professionalism from MPK,” she said.

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