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“Menggunakan kuasa untuk mereka yang berkuasa… “

July 6, 2012

Stop harassing whistleblowers; probe corrupt suspects

By Aliran, on 4 July 2012

The harassment of Suaram by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) is a shocking example of wrong priorities by the authorities, says Suaram.

SSM officers on a ‘routine inspection’ of the Suaram office this evening – Photograph: Suaram.

Instead of immediate investigation of the questionable activities of companies such as Perimekar and Terasasi recently uncovered in the Paris papers, the authorities have decided to harass Suaram, the whistleblower in the ongoing Scorpene scandal, involving at least RM500m suspected commissions belonging to Malaysian taxpayers.

The visit by CCM on a ‘routine inspection’ lacks credibility when we bear in mind that Suaram has an excellent 23-year track record and has been submitting records to the CCM since 2002. In 2011, Suaram was endowed with an award from Suhakam.

We question the political motive of the CCM when they perform a ‘routine’ inspection for the first time after more than 23 years in operation. Suaram has nothing to hide and we are prepared to comply with any requirements specified under the law in submitting our fully audited records.

Our registration under the ROC since 2002 has been necessitated by the fact that the freedom of association in Malaysia like many other freedoms is not realisable. Other NGOs have been forced to similarly register under the ROC.

Suaram has flourished all these 23 years through donations by private and public sources and have been fully accountable to our funders. We are strictly a non-profit making organisation and we are proud of our selfless service to Malaysian tax payers and our other contributions to Malaysian justice, democracy and human rights.

The Suaram Secretariat
4 July 2012

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