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RTM, mana Debat mengenai Lynas – Fuziah Salleh dgn dua yang lain?

April 16, 2012
Debate featuring Fuziah goes missing on RTM
Nigel Aw
6:19PM Apr 15, 2012

Three weeks after a debate featuring Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh on the controversial RM700 million Lynas plant in Gebeng, Kuantan was supposed to be aired on RTM1, the show appears to have fallen off the radar.

When contacted, Fuziah said RTM has not provided any explanation as to why the debate show entitled ‘Bicara Rakyat’ which was moderated by Syed Munawar Syed Mustar did not see the light on RTM1.

“I could only get through to the moderator and he said that he has not yet received any instructions to air it,” said Fuziah.

NONEAside from Fuziah, the debate also featured Atomic Energy Licensing Board director-general Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan (right) and Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang.

The close to an hour debate was pre-recorded on March 16 but was not aired as expected on March 23 and remains in cold storage to date.

“Perhaps because it was two against one but I still somehow managed to bring a different perspective to the people who were present from Kuantan, including members from Kuantan Umno, at the end of the programme,” she said.

Fuziah said she is unclear if there has been any directive not to air the debate but speculated that the pre-recording was meant to first filter the video.

“If I had not performed as well then maybe they would have aired the video,” she said.

However, an audio recording of the debate has been posted up on the Internet in four parts.

Associations back anti-Lynas rally

Meanwhile, in a statement yesterday, Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack has applauded the support of an umbrella of chinese associations from eight states.

“Since eight of the state Hua Tuan have agreed to fully support and attend Himpunan Hijau 3.0, the rest, especially the Federation of Chinese Associations (Hua Zong) as the organisation supposedly with the highest authority to represent the Chinese community in this nation, should also put their words into actions,” said Wong Tack.

The endorsement by the eight Hua Tuan to support the Himpunan Hijau rally opposing Lynas slated for April 28 goes against its central authority Hua Zong, which has chosen to remain neutral.

The green movement added that it will not hold any rallies in Kuantan to focus its full strength for the April 28 protest where they will march from KLCC to Dataran Merdeka.

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