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Selangor Government to review all development plans in Klang – Abdul Khalid

March 31, 2012
KLANG, March 30 — The Selangor state government will review all the development plans in Klang based on a 50-year flood plain. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said this would help the state government to predict the worst case scenario of flood disasters in 50 years due to heavy rain and high tides.

“For a start we will review development plans in Klang which must pass the test of the 50-year flood plain. “This measure is necessary taking into account the various flash floods that hit Klang today namely in Kampug Delek, Telok Gadong, part of Pandamaran, Kota Alam Shah, Selat Kelang and Taman Seri Andalas,” he said at a press conference at Kampung Delek after a briefing on the flood situation, near here today. Flood plains are land areas adjacent to rivers and streams that are subject to recurring inundation. Owing to their continually changing nature, flood plains and other flood-prone areas need to be examined in the light of how they might affect or be affected by development.

The term ” 50-year flood plain’ describes a flood having a 50-year recurrence interval. Commenting further, Abdul Khalid said he had instructed the relevant authorities like the Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department, Public Works Department and the Klang Municipal Council to provide him a detailed study on what could be developed in Klang on a 50-year flood plain.

He said the study would be a guide for land development whereby if an area was likely to be flooded, the state government could advise the relevant parties not to develop the area. Abdul Khalid also said the state government would not compensate victims who suffered losses in today’s flood as they were not covered by such insurance.

Meanwhile, Klang District Officer Datuk Bakhtiar Hussin who also attended the briefing said they had already allocated more than 10 relief centres to accommodate the people if the flood worsened in the future.

Klang Municipal Council acting president Ehsan Mukri said the uncollected rubbish in several areas had not contributed to the floods today. “The main cause is the heavy rain. That’s all. Nothing about rubbish

collection,” he said. – Bernama

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