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Pembelaan Fuziah Salleh dalam isu Lynas

August 27, 2011

Kenyataan Media YB Fuziah Salleh 26 Ogos 2011

Surat saman terhadap TV3 & Karam Singh Walia

Surat menuntut maaf oleh Datuk Ti Lian Ker

MP tuntut TV3, Karam Singh Walia mohon maaf

Ogos 26, 11 4:32pm

Ahli Parlimen Kuantan Fuziah Saleh menuntut permohonan maaf dari TV3, wartawannya dan seorang ahli politik yang didakwa memburukkannya dalam siaran berita berhubung pusat pemprosesan nadir bumi Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) di Gebeng, Kuantan.

Peguam Fuziah menghantar tiga notis tuntutan itu semalam dengan menamakan wartawan alam sekitar Karam Singh Walia dan TV3 sebagai responden pertama dan kedua, sementara dua lagi surat dialamatkan kepada Ketua MCA Kuantan Datuk Ti Lian Ker.

NONEDalam surat yang dialamatkan kepada Karam dan TV3, Fuziah (kiri) mahu penarikan balik dibuat terhadap beberapa siri siaran berita itu yang disiarkan antara 28 Jun dan 30 Jun serta pada 24 Ogos lalu, yang mana beliau mendakwa ia “tidak benar dan kandungannya dilihat untuk memburukkan” Fuziah.

Beliau yang juga naib presiden PKR menuntut Tv3 agar tidak berterusan menyiarkan siaran berita itu pada masa akan datang dan membuat permohonan maaf berdasarkan syarat yang telah disahkan oleh peguamnya.

Dalam kes Ti pula, Fuziah menuntut kepada bekas ADUN itu menyiarkan penarikan balik dan permohonan maaf terhadap kenyataan yang disiarkan syarikat televisyen swasta itu.

Dalam siaran berita itu, Ti didakwa memetik Fuziah sebagai berkata “pegawai-pegawai kita, pakar-pakar Melayu, pakar-pakar rakyat Malaysia semua tak boleh dipercayai”.

Dakwaan Fuziah terhadap Ti dinyatakan dalam dua notis tuntutan yang berasingan, yang merujuk kepada dua insiden yang berasingan masing-masing pada 30 Jun dan 24 Ogos apabila Tv3 menyiarkan siri laporan beritanya berhubung plan yang bernilai RM700 juta itu.

Ketiga-tiga notis tersebut turut meminta jaminan bahawa tidak ada lagi pengulangan dakwaan demikian terhadap Fuziah dan menuntut kerugian dan tanggung kos guaman.

Berita penuh di bawah

Fuziah demands apology from TV3, journalist and Ti

Aug 26, 11 2:35pm
Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh of PKR has demanded TV3, its journalist and a politician retract and apologise for defaming her in a news piece on the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) in Gebeng, Pahang.Fuziah’s lawyers sent out three letters of demand yesterday, with one naming environmental journalist Karam Singh Walia and TV3as the first and second respondents while the other two letters were addressed to MCA Kuantan division chief Ti Lian Ker.NONEIn the letter addressed to Karam and TV3, Fuziah (left) sought a complete withdrawal of a series of news pieces aired between June 28 and 30 and on Aug 24, which she claimed were “untruthful and the contents taken as a whole are highly defamatory” towards her.

She also demanded that TV3 not air the contentious news pieces in the future and provide an apology on terms approved by her lawyers.

In Ti’s case, Fuziah demanded that the former state assemblyperson publish a withdrawal and apology over his statement carried by TV3.

Damages sought

In the news piece, Ti had allegedly quoted Fuziah as saying that “pegawai-pegawai kita, pakar-pakar Melayu, pakar-pakar rakyat Malaysia semua tak boleh dipercayai” (our officers, Malay experts, Malaysian experts, all cannot be trusted).

Her claims against Ti were outlined in two separate letters of demand, in reference to two separate incidents on June 30 and Aug 24 respectively when TV3 aired Ti’s comments in its series of news pieces on the RM700 million plant.

All three letters also demanded a written assurance that no such allegations against Fuziah would be repeated, and sought damages and indemnity on legal costs.

On Wednesday night, TV3 aired a news piece by Karam in which two local nuclear experts – one of them her Pakatan colleague and PAS’ Hulu Langat MP Che Rosli Che Mat – slammed Fuziah for allegedly misleading the public over the Lynas issue.

Fuziah, a PKR vice-president, railed against the news report, saying that the television station had insinuated she had been lying to the people over the dangers of the controversy-ridden project.

Strong basis for concerns

In a statement issued today, she again stressed that her position against the multi-million ringgit project, owned by Australian mining giant Lynas Corporation, is supported by in-depth research and views from at least seven local experts in toxicology, health, engineering, nuclear physics and law.

NONEFuziah pointed out that the rare earth industry is a “totally new” area in Malaysia and with no best practice model in operation anywhere in the world.

She repeated that the recent string of news reports carried by TV3 had a clear political purpose of discrediting her while at the same time supporting the Lamp project at the expense of the people of Gebeng, as well as Balok and Kuantan nearby, and Malaysians on the whole.

The Lynas controversy broke out early this year, after a group of disgruntled Kuantan residents mounted a peaceful protest in front of Parliament to demand the scrapping of the project over fears of potential radiation poisoning.

The Australian project saw sustained protests from locals, eventually forcing the federal government to moot the formation of an expert review panel headed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The panel eventually found the project to be complying with international radiation standards, but stressed that Lynas must first implement 11 recommendations before it could start operations.

However, this failed to appease detractors, who claimed that the scope of the recommendations put forward by the panel was too narrow.

The rare earth processing facility was initially scheduled for completion next month, but the approval of its pre-operating licence from the federal government is still pending.

Other News from

Pahang PAS maintains stance against Lynas

Aug 26, 11 4:37pm

In an apparent snub to party colleague and Hulu Langat MP Che Rosli Che Mat, Pahang PAS today reiterated its opposition to the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) project in Gebeng.

Pahang PAS commissioner Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said while they “respect” Che Rosli’s views on the controversial project, for PAS it is the people who come first.

“His statement is his right and personal expert opinion that should be respected. This is not an issue for the party. Instead, we celebrate this difference of opinion on this matter in line with democracy,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement.

Che Rosli was recently quoted by pro-government station TV3 as saying he was “ashamed” that Kuantan MP and PKR vice-president Fuziah Salleh had misled the publicpas muktamar 130610 tuan ibrahim tuan man into going against the RM700 million project in Gebeng, Pahang.

This earned him a scathing rebuke from Fuziah, who described Che Rosli’s arguments in support of the project as “too simplistic”.

Tuan Ibrahim (left) acknowledged that there has been a clash in arguments between experts for and against Lamp, but maintained that Pahang PAS will not waver in its opposition to the project being built Australian mining giant Lynas Corporation.

“… for PAS, the rakyat must come first in this issue. Concerns over risks faced by the people due to the Lynas project, especially the residents of Kuantan, cannot be brushed aside. The rakyat have the biggest right and must be heard,” he said.

Gebeng residents well aware about Bukit Merah case

Tuan Ibrahim pointed out that the Lamp project would not bring any benefit, save for a handful of jobs, compared with the risks that come with the rare earth processing plant.

He said in many high-risk projects, such as nuclear plants, nuclear experts would say that there is no danger “under normal circumstances”.

Tuan Ibrahim noted that residents in Gebeng, where the project is located, and nearby Kuantan are well aware of the Bukit Merah case of the 1980s, where a rare earth plant run by a Japanese company was blamed for killing and poisoning scores of local people from radiation poisoning.

He stressed that in such cases, the local residents ended up facing dangers wrought by such projects, while the “experts” who gave their support for the projects would quietly slink away.

“… when something happens outside of human control due to negligence, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and other events, will we only then want to admit that it has become a threat?”

Meanwhile, PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar accused TV3 of attempting to discredit Fuziah in their bid “to further BN’s narrow and divisive political objectives”.

In declaring their party’s support for Fuziah, Nurul Izzah said the BN had merely hidden behind two nuclear experts who had misrepresented the aims and objectives of the anti-Lynas movement.

“The anti-Lynas movement was never narrowly confined to objecting about radioactivity alone. On the contrary, the movement opposed Lamp on the basis that operating a rare earth refinery in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s home state brings with it other hazards such as health and environmental damage that would have dire consequences for the tourism and fishing industry, thus the local economy as a whole.

“Lamp will be the world’s largest rare earth plant outside China once it operates. We believe that the health and safety of the residents of Gebeng and the surrounding areas are too precious to be sacrificed for short-term economic benefit. In this regard, YB Fuziah has rightly defended the rights of Gebeng residents, and should be applauded for continuing to do so as a responsible member of Parliament for Kuantan,” she said in a statement.

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