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Fuziah seeks apology from TV3, MCA man

August 26, 2011

Fuziah seeks apology from TV3, MCA man

Tarani Palani | August 26, 2011
Free malaysia today

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh claims that the TV station in a series on the Lynas rare earth project made defamatory statements about her.

PETALING JAYA: Kuantan MP, Fuziah Salleh wants TV3 journalist Karam Singh Walia, TV3 and Kuantan MCA chief, Ti Lian Ker to apologise and retract the defamatory allegations made about her on the channel’s news slot.

Karam Singh had anchored a series regarding the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng where he argued that the plant was safe and that Fuziah was “spinning” the issue to invoke fear.

Fuziah, a PKR vice-president, has been staunchly campaigning against the plant.

N Surendren, who is also a PKR vice president, is acting as Fuziah’s lawyer, and had issued two separate letters of demand, one to Karam Singh and TV3, and the other one was for Ti.

Both read that their actions had brought Fuziah into public scandal, odium and contempt.

Fuziah has demanded an apology within seven days, failing which she will sue them.

The first of the series was aired in Buletin Utama from June 28 to 30 and the second on Aug 24. Ti was featured in the last day’s segment in the first series.

The second series featured two nuclear scientists who claimed that Fuziah was spinning the facts regarding Lynas and claimed that the plant was safe as the radiation level was acceptable.

The two were Profesor Dr Ahmad Termizi Ramli, a radiological safety and health specialist and PAS Hulu Langat MP, Dr Che Rosli Che Mat who is a nuclear scientist.

Che Rosli was reported to have said he was instructed by PAS information wing not to issue any statement on the matter as it was a “PKR issue”. He accused Fuziah of equating the rare-earth plant to a nuclear plant.

Che Rosli claimed that he had monitored the Lynas situation himself and that it was safe. He added that it will be safe with the help of Malaysia’s nuclear agency and Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

Dirty tactics

In a statement released later, Fuziah rapped Karam Singh and TV3, saying that the personal attacks and efforts to discredit her was a political ploy to “embark on an early campaign prior to the elections”. Umno owned Media Prima controls TV3.

She refuted Ti’s allegations and said that local experts from a multiple disciplines have been consulted before they opposed the plant.

The list of experts include toxicologist, epidemiologist, nuclear physicists, chemical engineers – with specialisation in environment and also metal and corrosion experts, lawyer with expertise in international environment law.

She added that there was no international benchmark to look up to concerning rare earth as it was a totally new area “everywhere else”, except China.

She also said that BN federal and state governments had completely “ignored and turned their backs” on the safety of the people as no public consultations were conducted over the matter.

“The project would have gone totally unnoticed had we not raised the issue. Instead the government continued to be arrogant and dismissive – and the latest resorting to dirty defamatory tactics”.

‘I know the difference’

When contacted later, she said that by engaging with only a selective expert from one area, it further showed the hidden agenda of TV3.

“Why can’t they consult with the Malaysian Medical Association or (environmentalist) Sahabat Alam Malaysia?

“I have been saying again and again, that when it concerns processing rare earth, one cannot make the decision merely from one angle,” she told FMT.

Fuziah also staunchly denied the allegations that she had equated the rare earth processing plant to a nuclear plant.

“I know the difference between the two. In fact I have been constantly reminding the people that there is a difference,” she said.

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