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Sabah: SAPP akan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat secara rasmi?

June 12, 2011

SAPP to officially join Pakatan Rakyat?

PKR will summon for a meeting with its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners in Sabah tomorrow to determine the pact’s final stand on a possible alliance with Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP).PKR vice-president Fuziah Salleh confirmed that  all three PR parties — PKR, DAP and PAS — will have to reach a consensus on the matter first before initiating any formal negotiation with SAPP leaders.

“We have to hold a formal meeting at the PR level first before we can decide on anything.

“The meeting will be on Saturday and we will hold a press conference after that to announce any details,” she said when contacted.

Fuziah also confirmed that she had chaired a separate meeting in Sabah yesterday with PKR’s newly-formed negotiation team for the alliance proposal.

But she declined to reveal details of the meeting, reiterating that the matter should first be raised in Sabah PR.

Fuziah was also held an informal discussion with SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee here yesterday. Again, Fuziah insisted on keeping the meeting details confidential.

DAP has been actively pursuing the merger proposal with SAPP, a suggestion that both PR and the Sabah-based opposition party have been toying with since last year.

But an ultimatum issued by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang last week riled Yong, who said that while he was keen on political cooperation, he did not think it necessary to sign any formal pact agreement.

The former Sabah chief minister, who just last year lost in his bid for the Batu Sapi seat during the by-election, is bent on sticking to SAPP’s “autonomy for Sabah” struggle.

He told that he would not agree to a PR Sabah government but was only keen on being aligned to PR on a federal level.

“We have our formula — a state-based local party contests the majority seats in Sabah and forms an autonomous government. But at the federal level, the state government supports a PR central government.

“We do not want it to be a two-party system, meaning BN-PR. We do not want PR to turn into just another BN,” he said.

SAPP pulled out of the Barisan Nasional coalition after Election 2008 and presently has two MPs and two state assemblymen in Sabah. DAP has one MP and one assemblyman.

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