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‘Don’t make a mockery of democracy in Sarawak’

April 24, 2011

April 23, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

PBB Senator Idris Buang’s suggestion that the Chinese community may end up being sidelined as riled up a well known Sarawakian activist.

By John Brian Anthony

The suggestion that the Chinese is being side-lined is a typical example of Barisan Nasional’s divide and rule mentality.
Why can’t we just accept the outcome of the election and act accordingly? Why do we have to play GOD to the politics of the people in Sarawak?

The Chinese have never claimed to be side-lined. It is this Senator Idris Buang who is putting words into the Chinese mouth.
It will be a never ending saga if each and every community claimed to be side-lined. When the majority of Chinese choose DAP they wanted DAP to speak up on Chinese issue.

Why did they want DAP to speak up on Chinese issue? The Chinese found that Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP) are “YES” men to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.

SUPP neglected to carry out their task to speak up. SUPP failed in their duty to highlight Chinese issues. SUPP leaders focussed on enriching themselves instead of the community.

SUPP leaders placed self interest above community interest. SUPP failed to bring the desired development that the Chinese is looking for.

Using the same trend of thought as espoused by Idris then the Dayak who voted for BN would be showered with all type of development.

Compare the budget for urban development with rural development. Compare the basic amenities like electricity, water, and infrastructure like roads, clean river, clinics, hospitals, cost of goods and last but not least, where are the Dayak land titles?
Poor understanding of politics,

The Dayak voted for BN on their expectation of being given all of the above but has the BN delivered on its promise? BN delivered RM50 per vote (in the 2006 polls) to play with the poor understanding of politics among the Dayaks.

For the Dayaks it is bread and butter issues and the lack of education.Just because the Dayak community has many Ministers does not mean that Dayak is progressing under BN.

Taib and cronies progress under BN. It is a known fact. The people in the Meluan constituency, for instance, have been using the same river as the main means of transport since Malaysia was formed.

Did not the people of Meluan vote for BN all this while? Why is there only ONE poorly maintained road, from Julau town to Ng Entabai, in Meluan?

Are the people of Meluan side-lined because they voted BN.The bottom line is that election politics and real delivery of promises by BN is not balanced.

Just because BN wins does not mean that BN policies are good.Dayak wants progress and they need it most.

The Chinese have sent a strong message to SUPP and it is up to SUPP to response and improve itself. It is not for Idris Buang to try and change the rules and make a mockery of democracy in Sarawak.

The writer was the PKR candidate for Meluan. He was defeated by the BN incumbent. This is an excerpt of an article which appeared in his blog.

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