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soh6299: The so call Economic Transformation

January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The so call Economic Transformation
Posted by: soh6299 at The Star Citizen’s Blog

I am not Dr Idris Jala or economic expert, but I can see the ground level from every day life very clearly.

News report good good things, big big project here and there, yet just compare this Tiger year and coming Rabbit year sales, as usual I bought 2 packs(24 cans) of Tiger beer and 2 packs “Black Dog” for new year drinking gathering with friends.

Last year Tiger offer gifts and promoters were there pushing for sales. This time, no sales promoter, no gifts and smaller pack (20 cans, 18 cans, 10 cans etc). This only indicates one fact, the economy is bad! Manufacturer try to put smaller pack in anticipating slow down sales. Please get the feeling from your local retail outlets and see for yourself what is the situation in your area.

The price of all items are going up and up. If there any chance the price can come down? NOoooooooooo. Petrol is going to increase again. All hawkers food jump up from Rm4 to Rm4.50 some even Rm5. Mamak is even higher. Chicken rice is always the cheapest you can get, but it is Rm4.50 now.

UK education fees has gone up 3 times for local students, how about the oversea students? No news no indication but for sure it is going up. They keep silent in order not to scare away the students. Once you are there, maybe additional fees will come later at the end of the year!

For 28 million population we Malaysia has got 20 million cars, it is even better than US and Germany in terms of car ratio to population. This is Malaysia Boleh. So how to get away from Traffic jam? No way. New MRT? LRT? Tunnel or what ever you name it Malaysia can do it. But still it will not solve this issue. Why? No maintenance! Look at KLIA transit train is one good example.

The list can go on but the fact is: It is bad, no good news for our economy year 2011.

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