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Money flood in Sibu by election, real issues stashed under the cash

May 14, 2010

Najib’s ‘Corruption 101’ lesson in Sibu

Thu, 13 May 2010 11:59

By FMT staff

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been accused of displaying the basics of corruption in his attempt to fish for Chinese votes in the upcoming Sibu by-election in Sarawak.

Claiming that by-elections in Malaysia are stranger than fiction, DAP MP Charles Santiago said this time around, Najib has taken the cake for “shameless vote-buying and unadulterated corruption”.

He was responding to Najib’s plea to a group of Chinese educationists, where the prime minister reportedly said: “Please, I help you, you help me. That way we have a very fair and happy relationship. It won’t cost you anything to give us what we want. We will do what we should to give you what you want. And you know what I want.”

According to Santiago, there is nothing fair about this relationship.

“Certainly the premier did not mince his words… it is simple and pure corruption. Dishing out government allocations worth RM18 million is clearly fashioned to bribe Chinese voters.

“And neither the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission nor the Election Commission have responded to such a blatant act of corruption while in other countries, an investigation would have been initiated,” he said.

‘Don’t fall into the trap’

Even before this “sorry” episode, Santiago noted that Najib and Umno leaders have cherry-picked elections as a strategic time to give handouts.

“These funds are state funds that are entrusted by the people to the government. It is not meant to bribe the people to hold on to the reins of power.

“Staying in power should come from policies and social and economic progress resulting in a better quality of life for all Malaysians,” he said.

“Najib and his foot soldiers have, thus far, not demonstrated any signs that they are willing to engage the people through an empowering exercise,” he added.

In view of this, the Klang MP said Malaysians should not perceive such largess in a positive manner but send a tough message to the government that they are judged not by handouts but by efforts throughout the mandate period.

In this instance, Santiago said Najib is clearly embarking on a reputation-cleansing exercise by trying to bond with the Chinese educationists after Barisan Nasional’s failure to clinch Chinese votes in Hulu Selangor.

“But the Chinese community must not fall into Najib and Umno’s trap.

“They must instead vote with a conscience for the future of Sibu and the nation as Najib and the ruling government have acted with almost no fear of accountability,” he added.

The Chinese form 67 percent of the electorate in Sibu, the second largest city in Sarawak.

On Sunday, BN’s Robert Lau will take on DAP’s Wong Ho Leng and independent Narawi Haron in the by-election.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fundamental issues

With the coming of the God of Wealth, the fundamental issues in Sibu have been buried under the cash. I must say that the cash has shifted the focus of our major concerns.

Infrastructure, flooding, employment and university must be addressed by the Barisan Nasional toward the last stage of the campaign. The ruling party has been promising to solve the problems, but they were never solved. Rather, the problems are becoming more serious.

Long ruling of any political party is going to corrupt the system. Cronies grew bigger and bigger. We can see this clearly by looking at how the major companies (and United College) are tied to the political parties. With the power, one can secure more wealth from the people. There is increasing imbalance between the rich and poor Chinese, not to say between the Chinese and Dayak/Iban. This is not an issue about the race, but the rich and poor of all races.

Let’s see what will be popping up during the last few days of the campaign.

The international organisations should condemn Najib for openly buying votes during the elections. Was it the advice by APCO?

選舉已將進入最後的階段,可是隨著財神爺的到來,本地的一些基本問題卻被埋在金錢底下.這些金錢轉移了大 家的視線.

基本設施,水患,就職,大學,….之類的問題還需要等待執政黨的解釋.雖然長年以來執政黨都在答應解決這些問題,可是問題 不但都沒有結果,反而變得更深刻.

長久的執政導致政治腐敗,商官勾結變得很嚴重.我們都已經親眼看到大公司跟政黨的勾結,比如聯合學院的 問題.當然,有了權力,更方便政治家獲取不當的利益.華人之間,貧富的差距變得越來越大,別說是華人跟友族之間的貧富差距.貧富之差距並不是某一個種族的 問題,而是全部的種族間都存在的問題.


國際組織應該公開譴責財神爺Najib在 光天化日下買票.難道這都是APCO所提供的建議嗎﹖

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