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BN Censorship

April 30, 2010
TV2 Bakun docu-series terminated: What they didn’t want you to know

Thursday, 29 April 2010 20:26
A nine-part TV2 Mandarin documentary series which was to be aired from 26 April to 7 May was forced off the air on 28 April. What didn’t they want us to see? Our correspondent provides some clues.

The documentary series was supposed to report on the social impact faced by more than 10,000 natives of the Belaga area who were forcibly relocated to Sungai Asap and Sungai Koyan area in 1998 to make way for the controversial Bakun Dam. Two episodes of this documentary were aired on 26 and 27 April before the series was yanked off.

Chou Z Lam, the producer of the documentary, revealed in a blog post that this was another instance of news interference by the BN government during and after the Hulu Selangor by election. He was told that some  “sensitive elements” in the documentary could be harmful to the coming Sibu by-election and the Sarawak state election.

Chou felt sorry for the people of Sungai Asap whom he had interviewed, for their problems and voices could not be heard now by the people of east and west Malaysia.

And what are some of the problems faced by those forced to relocate? Our correspondent reports:

The resettlers were allocated 3 acres (1.25 ha) per family which signed up for an apartment. Moreover, they were charged for the 3 acres at a premium of RM900 per acre; in comparison, the grant of leases to timber companies to establish oil palm plantations in the area was at a premium of RM600 per ha, i.e, about RM250 per acre.

It was clear that this was planned poverty. At the time of the resettlement planning in 1996, 3 acres of oil palm could not bring in a household income above the poverty line for a family of five. Even today, at RM500 per tonne of oil palm fruit, 3 acres can only bring in, at best, a gross income of RM10,000 a year. This is a net income of around RM7,000 a year, or about RM580 a month. The Mid-Term Review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan gave a poverty line income of RM830 a month for Sarawak.

Given this basic fact, is it any surprise that the documentary is not being allowed?

Urban people in Sarawak have only heard about the allegedly large sums of compensation given to the people affected by Bakun. What they do not realise is that while some people did get large sums, most didn’t. Moreover, the government held back the compensation due to them for their lost homes — as a means of forcing them to pay for the resettlement housing. From the very beginning, people have been unhappy about the quality and size of the resettlement housing. For most of them, their previous homes were much larger, and made of better material.

In addition, no concession was made in giving them preferential rates for electricity, or even an allowance of free electricity. They have only enjoyed the same concession granted in the past year as everyone else. As a result, after a short while, the Penan, the poorest of all the resettlers, had their electricity cut off when they could not afford to pay, and have had to live with no electricity for most of the past 12 years.

Imagine: a people who sacrifice their ancestral lands and homes for a hydroelectric dam living without electricity because they cannot afford to pay the high tariffs charged by the Sarawak electricity company, when one day of the previous Sarawak Energy Bhd’s CEO’s remuneration of RM1.3 million a year would have paid for all of the Penan’s electricity consumption for one year! The previous SEB CEO was not only the a former State Secretary, but also the brother-in-law of the Chief Minister.

1Malaysia? Rakyat diutamakan?

In this context, take the time to read Abun Sui Anyit’s heart-felt lament for Belaga and for his people here.

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Censorship hoo-ha at RTM

Malaysiakini seems to have cornered the market on media recantations. Last week it was Joshua Wong quitting ntv7 in a huff because the 1Rosmah — otherwise to be referred to as She Who Must Be Obeyed (so she thinks) — threw a (warning: stupid cliche ahead) hissy fit about candid comments on a talk show. (Get real, Fatty. People say worse things in coffee shops. Maybe you should close down those instead.)

Then RTM2′s Chow Z Lam blasted his bosses in a blog post when his Bakun Dam documentary was pulled.
Another TV producer claims political meddling

Chou Z Lam Of RTM2 television said in his blog that a documentary on Bakun Dam was taken off the air under the direct instruction of RTM’s chief broadcast executive Ibrahim Yahya (once of Berita Harian). “RTM’s newsroom chief executive Jumat Engson said the documentary was taken off the air because it had sensitive elements that could be harmful (for BN) in the upcoming Sibu by-election as well as the Sarawak state elections.”
Next, RTM2 assigns another producer.

Apparently upset at political interference in RTM’s ‘Galeri Mandarin Nasional’ documentary series being publically exposed, RTM management unexpectedly assigned another Chinese officer only known as Yap to oversee the production today. It is uncertain whether Yap will also be in charge of Chinese news production.
‘Galeri Mandarin Nasional’ is aired at 12.20pm from Monday to Friday, right after the noon Chinese news broadcast.

There’s power in daytime telly, I tell you.

Joshua Wong’s resignation:
I quit after complaints from Rosmah, PM’s Dept
I am dissatisfied on the way the company has handled two complaints which came from the Prime Minister’s Department and the First Lady (Rosmah Mansor). The complaints came after the airing the programme’s Kuala Lumpur roadshow (March 19) and Penang roadshow (April 8).
» Jason Wong’s full statement |
What’s the solution?
Change the govt

There’s no other way. The goons in this government will never allow press freedom. It’s been run by a bunch of fascists and with the likes of Mahathir Mohamad (the Great Pimple on Malaysia’s Arse) egging on Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali and with fatuous Muhyiddin yelping out his Malayness first, there’s no hope ever of getting their greasy fingers off press control.

It will never happen with this bunch. No matter how many pretty words Apco writes for the 1Najib, he’s got friends like Barking Magpie and Rocky to do his dirty work and undo the pretty words.

There’s no hope in working with them. Change the government first. Maybe a new bunch will end political ownership of newspapers, radio and television news, and Bernama. And change the press laws. Then we can talk.

Obviously, people who think like that will never find proper journalistic work in the regular media. Funnily, that seems to please any number of media critics on the Internet, who seem convinced that the way to achieve a really professional media is to drive out the professionals into the wilderness and have zombies working there instead. It could be that the zombies are their friends, of course.

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