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Sibu by election

April 10, 2010

PKR might skip Sibu vote, giving a chance to DAP to name its candidate

PKR is likely to cede to the DAP in the impending Sibu by-election, to ensure a straight fight with Barisan Nasional (BN).

“There will be no more three-cornered fight; that is the understanding, it is still too early for us to talk about the by-election, but nobody wants to upset the formula,” said PKR vice-president, Azmin Ali.

PKR lost badly in the seat during Election 2008, pulling in fewer votes than even BN’s 3,325 majority.

The party’s election director, Fuziah Salleh, said the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leadership council will make a decision on the matter.

“Pakatan leaders will decide and all parties will have to accept the decision,” said Fuziah without elaborating.

Both parties contested Sibu in the last general election, after seat allocation negotiations between Sarawak DAP and PKR collapsed due to the central leaderships’ failure to intervene.

The refusal of local leaders to work together resulted in PKR and DAP jostling each other while also facing BN in the federal constituencies of Stampin and Sibu.

Both were won by the ruling coalition.

Sibu will soon be declared vacant, after BN MP Datuk Robert Lau died yesterday, and will trigger the country’s 11th by-election since 2008.

Lau, from Sarawak BN party SUPP, beat state DAP chief Wong Ho Leng and PKR’s Lim Chin Chuang in a three-cornered fight to win his fifth term as Sibu MP.

The deputy transport minister won by a majority of 3,235 votes. He garnered 19,138 votes against Wong’s 15,903 and Lim’s 812.

The Malaysian Insider understands that PKR will choose to stay away from the Sibu polls due to its weak showing the last time out.

It also intends to build a stronger case to demand for more state seats, and to retain the seats it had contested previously, in the upcoming Sarawak state election, due no later than the middle of next year.

However, PKR and DAP are still unable to come to an agreement on the distribution of five seats where they are assured of victory.

The Malaysian Insider understands the disputed seats include Padungan, the only state constituency represented by PKR in the 71-member Sarawak assembly.

In 2006, PKR’s Dominique Ng defeated SUPP candidate Yong Lee Lee to win the Chinese constituency situated in the state capital.

State leaders from the two PR parties will head to the negotiation table for another round of talks on seat allocations next week.

Wong, when contacted, refused to say if the two parties will discuss the PR candidate for Sibu then.

“The body is still warm, let me pay my last respects first,” said Wong.

courtesy of Malaysian Insider

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  1. francis jew permalink
    April 18, 2010 6:51 PM

    All Sibu voters,
    Please take note urgently,
    Do not vote for open gangster ism in Sibu.You house could be the next one thrown with Molotov cocktails.You son could be the next one kidnapped by Lee Long Private Limited for ransom.You daughter could be the next one raped and killed by gangsters like the 14 year old daughter of the fried mee hawker.Your car will be stolen and returned to you for a handsome ransom.You will be harassed by Kar Liew Yang 24 hours a day and 365 days a year including Chin Ming.They will clean you father’s grave without permission and ask for a high price made in hell.Your father would be a kar liew yang client even 50 years after death.That would spell bad Feng Shui for all your future generations.

  2. francis jew permalink
    April 18, 2010 9:37 PM

    To: All non gangsters of Sibu.
    Agenda: Protest against gangsterism in Sibu.
    Method: Come to any of my flower shops and you will get a red rose free.It represent the blood of the Sibu innocent folks like the 14 year old girl spilled by gangsters without getting justice.Vote the politicians who are also Ah Tuai out of this town and this world.

  3. francis jew permalink
    April 19, 2010 8:18 AM

    Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.
    When the gangsters went to extort money from the poorest of the poor in Tiong Hua Road,Foochow Road and Bukit Assek areas the people of the dust knew that they have no recourse either in law or in politics.The only thing they can do is kneel down with their faces of anguish and open arms facing heavens and cry out to their creators…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers….Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.

    All Sibu Voters..Vote according to the guidance from your creators.

  4. francis jew permalink
    April 22, 2010 7:11 PM

    As I go around delivering flowers in Sibu everyday I saw a big strong man with steel muscled tattooed biceps wandering around the Central Market aimlessly.He was singing a song ” Where is my BOSS gone,Where is my BOSS gone? Far far away,far far away,Will I see him again ?” Can any of the Sibu Folks help this man?

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