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Anwar’s sham trial: Obama snub for Malaysia

March 12, 2010
Hamdan Ibrahim
Mar 12, 10
I refer to Malaysiakini report Anwar 360 show a magnet.The huge crowds that gather for Anwar Ibrahim’s ceramah speak volumes of the common people’s support for the de facto opposition party leader’s efforts to reform the country’s institutions for the better once Pakatn Rakyat wins the next general elections.

The more the present weak government harasses their political opponents with frivolous charges, the more support the opposition parties will get from the voters. The more demonising articles are written about the opposition in the mainstream media, the more educated voters will look to the alternative media which is more believable as compared to the media controlled by the government.

BN has got its priorities wrong in fighting their political opponents. No respected government which adheres to democratic values would use all government agencies like the police, the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the judiciary to do their bidding to ‘kill’ off their opponents who are a threat to their hegemonic rule of this country.

Our weak government cannot hide behind the ‘skirts’ of government agencies to harass their foes in politics. They should prove with words and deeds that they are a better government as compared to their rivals.

Our police force should be neutral and not act against opposition leaders for giving political speeches while turning a blind eye to transgressions by government leaders uncluding fiery speeches which border on racism.

The next general election will only be held three years from now but judging from the sea of people attending Anwar Ibrahim’s road shows (without free dinners thrown in), one can only conclude that the people’s quest for a reform of government is still strong.

Elected lawmakers should know who their employers are. It is us the humble voters who will decide comes election time who to vote for and who to kick out of Parliament and the state assemblies.

The last historical elections has shown that people have no qualms about using their vote wisely to deny BN’s their two-thirds majority in Parliament as well as allowing the opposition front Pakatan Rakyat to sweep five state.

Ignore us at your own peril as the people have had enough of elected representatives who only use their high positions for personal gains.

Anwar Ibrahim sham trial has drawn the attention of foreign leaders from Australia to US. To think that US President Barack Obama has chosen to visit Indonesia in the coming days without making a state visit to our country’s makes one wonder why he has snubbed Malaysia.

One would think that the US government is sending a subtle message to our leaders that they are unhappy with the democratic process in this country where human rights are not being practiced freely.

We should blame our failed politician cum ambassador to Washington, Jamaluddin Jarjis for failing to lobby hard enough for President Osama to visit Malaysia together with Indonesia at the same time.

Nobody can predict the future. Hopefully if and when a new federal government is formed after the next general elections, massive economic and democratic reforms like what had happened in Indonesia would occur here too.

Then maybe a sitting US president might make a state visit which can only enhance our nation’s image among the world’s leaders. Let make it happen.

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